EU impact on golf

April 14, 2010

The European Commission has finally published its annual work programme for 2010.

It shows lots of areas of European Commission 2010 work, which may impact on the golf industry:

Review of the list of priority substances under the Water Framework Directive
The Water Framework Directive requires the Commission to review the list of priority substances every 4 years and the deadline for the next proposal is January 2011. Priority substances are those posing a risk to or via the aquatic environment at EU level. They are part of the basis of the EU strategy to combat chemical pollution in EU water

Communication on a new post-2010 EU biodiversity policy and strategy
As reported in previous Golf Europa posts.

EU Plant Health Strategy
The European Commission is developing a new Community plant health strategy, covering topics such as invasive species and seeds.

Relaunch of the Single Market
This Communication will provide a diagnosis of the ‘missing links’ and set direction for a relaunch of the Single Market to deliver on its full potential.

New policy for GMO cultivation
Following the presentation of the political guidelines, the Commission will come forward by the end of June with a concrete initiative on how to allow freedom for Member States to decide about cultivation of GMOs on their territories

Communication on the sustainable competitiveness of the EU construction sector
The Communication will focus on four strategic objectives aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the sector: (a) a coherent quality policy for the sector; (b) an improved regulatory environment, in particular for public procurement, competition, registration and qualification systems, health & safety and payment delays; (c) better provision of education and training ; (d) strengthening of research, innovation and knowledge deployment. This Communication will also focus on the role of this sector in the fight against climate change.

Revision of the Working Time
New proposed Directive expected.

Communication on the renewed EU Tourism Policy Framework
The Communication will outline possible fields of actions at EU, national and regional level, as well as by the industry and other stakeholders.

Revision of the 1990 Council Directive on Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours
The existing Directive no longer provides adequate protection for consumers going on holidays; nor does it provide sufficient legal certainty for businesses. Due to the minimum harmonisation of the Directive, the legal fragmentation in Member States is significant, causing compliance costs for businesses eager to trade cross-border and can also cause detriment for consumers trying to pursue their legal rights in a cross-border context.

Green Paper on a new VAT strategy
Consultation document on a new VAT Strategy with a view to adopt a “new VAT
strategy” Communication in 2011.

Community initiative on work-related musculoskeletal disorders
The objective is to integrate into a single legislative instrument the provisions on the protection of the health and safety of workers from the risks of musculo-skeletal disorders at work.

Directive 2000/14/EC on noise emissions in the environment by equipment used outdoors
The proposal will simplify the operation of the Directive, review its conformity assessment procedures, and improve market surveillance.

Sport provisions in the Lisbon Treaty
This communication will make proposals for the implementation of the new competence on sport in the Lisbon treaty, including establishing a framework for political cooperation.

A large number of EU Communications and Recommendations are also expected in the vocational education and training field.


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