Biocides review extension

March 25, 2009

The EU’s evaluation of active substances used in biocidal products (insecticides, preservatives, disinfectants, etc) is taking longer than originally foreseen.  The original 1998 Biocides Directive set a deadline of 14 May 2010 for completion of biocides evaluation.

The European Commission has proposed a transitional period from May 2010 up to 14 May 2013, during which the biocides market will continue to be regulated by national rules.  Without an extension, popular products would have to be taken from the market as from 15 May 2010.

The European Parliament this week welcomed the European Commission proposal but voted to extend the transitional period to four years, instead of three (until 14 May 2014 rather than 14 May 2013) so as to make sure that all biocidal products containing active substances are evaluated in due time.

This is the so-called “mini revision” to the 1998 Biocides Directive.  The EU institutions have still to agree the “main revision” to the 1998 Directive.


EP report


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