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Help to Obtain Grants

Grant aid from EU regional funds is financing the development of new golf courses across Europe.

Golf Europa helps organisations to obtain grants from the EU and elsewhere.

Steve has worked in economic development and European Union affairs for over 20 years, both in the private and public sectors and is a Member of the UK Institution of Economic Development.

Help to Obtain Grants

Golf Europa helps organisations to obtain grant aid.

Bidding for grants is a complex, time-consuming and highly competitive process. Many funds are massively over-subscribed.

Steve has expert knowledge of funding issues based on 20 years of experience from a variety of perspectives as:

  • a government and EU official – managing and approving funding programmes and projects (ESF, ERDF, Leonardo, PHARE, etc)
  • a consultant – preparing applications on behalf of private, public and voluntary sector organisations (numerous EU and domestic funds)
  • an assessor – evaluating European Social Fund and Leonardo da Vinci applications for UK government and the European Commission.

Combining his knowledge of funding and of the golf industry, Golf Europa advises golf developers and other golf course architects on the availability of EU funding for golf.

Steve first focused on EU grant aid for the golf sector in 2001, when he started research on “The impact of the European Regional Development Fund on golf”. This was the first ever research on the use of EU grant aid for golf development. It won the Barenbrug Prize 2002 for best EIGCA dissertation. It revealed that:

The European Regional Development Fund has had a significant impact on golf tourism development in countries such as Ireland and Portugal in the 1980s and ‘90s. Fifty golf clubs in Ireland received ERDF grant aid to a combined total of €20 million between 1989-99. ERDF grants are increasingly being used in new golf markets in Eastern Europe.

Steve presented these findings at the EIGCA Annual Conference 2002 in Vilamoura, Portugal.

Steve has also provided early warning on funding opportunities to numerous Europe-wide organisations in the golf sector and assisted with the preparation of applications.

Golf design companies based in priority funding areas may be able to secure grants for their own business actions. For small firms, Steve has obtained numerous small-scale grants for company marketing actions and office equipment upgrades.

Steve’s first involvement with EU funding came in 1988 when he was seconded by the UK government to work in the European Commission’s European Social Fund Unit in Brussels. Since then, he has worked on EU funding in a variety of roles:

  • Managed EU PHARE programmes to a total of €50 million on economic development in Central & Eastern Europe
  • Trained the ministries of Central and Eastern Europe on managing EU grant aid from the European Social Fund and Leonardo da Vinci programme
  • Managed EU funding for Lincolnshire County Council, including lobbying to secure objective 5b status
  • Prepared grant applications as an independent consultant for a wide range of clients, including the UK National Health Service, The Salvation Army and The Tomorrow’s People Trust
  • Advised golf developers and golf course architects on the availability of EU funding for golf

For advice on securing grant aid, feel free to contact Steve.