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EU Policy Advice

Golf Europa provides expert advice to the golf industry and other sectors on EU policy developments.

European Union legislation increasingly impacts every aspect of the golf industry. The European Commission acknowledges that: “... many of the rules, policies and programmes of the European Union have an impact on the sports world”.

A new, discrete EU sports policy is also emerging.

Advice on European Union policies and on how to influence them

Steve has a wealth of experience in advising organisations on European Union policy developments.

The key steps in ‘developing an EU strategy’ are to:

  • Monitor relevant EU policy developments
  • Inform your members, partners and stakeholders on these issues
  • Develop your position and objectives on relevant EU policy developments
  • Form alliances with other organisations sharing the same positions and objectives
  • Communicate these positions and lobby relevant targets in the EU institutions

Golf Europa helps golf organisations to take these steps, using Steve’s combined knowledge of the golf industry and of EU affairs.

Steve has worked for and advised a wide range of organisations in the public and private sectors on EU affairs including local authorities, trade associations, chambers of commerce and universities. He has worked in EU affairs since 1986, when he joined the EEC Policy Unit of the Department of Employment in London.

As an Account Executive in Brussels, working for Douglas Herbison Associates, Steve advised clients from Europe, America and Asia including:

  • British Retail Consortium
  • a major American trade association
  • Japanese car manufacturers

His EU policy advice successes include:

  • Securing an amendment to the EU Directive on Capital Adequacy for independent financial advisers
  • Helping to obtain “Objective 5b” status for Lincolnshire, enabling access to hundreds of millions of pounds for economic redevelopment in Lincolnshire

Steve is the current External Relations Advisor to the Professional Golfers’ Associations of Europe, focusing on EU education and training policies and on lobbying the EU institutions.

He produced for the R&A Golf Course Committee in 2004 the first audit of European Union legislation and policies impacting on golf and advised the R&A Golf Course Committee on lobbying the EU institutions. In a testimonial, the R&A states:

“In 2004, the R&A Golf Course Committee asked Golf Europa Ltd to monitor European Union legislation and policies impacting on golf. The value of the brief process was considered such that we then commissioned the company to produce the first audit on this matter. The resulting 163 page report was most comprehensive and has provided an excellent reference and resource. In addition, Steve has advised the R&A Golf Course Committee on lobbying the EU institutions, from which we have developed a good working relationship with the Directorate General Environment in Brussels.”
R&A Golf Course Committee

Steve advised the European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA) in 2003 on EU policies on the recognition of professional qualifications. He is a former Chairman of the EIGCA Professional Recognition Committee.

He has also advised the golf industry-wide body, Golf Environment Europe.